enchantment stew.

we start with the tears of a tantra-ming merchant marine,
dragon scales , spider eyes, tongue of sassy teen;
i like to add some re-fried beans.
elephant boogers, yes they are big!
left over pizza, the toe of a pig.

earwax from monkeys, snot from a bird.
i know that this sounds really absurd!
but we need some spinach, please eat your greens!
peas and carrots, old dusty jeans.

i add horn of jackalope, yes they are real!
i like to toss in an orange, leave on the peel.
armadillo guts, the little and the big, is what we need next,
hay wait! here is someones ap-pen-dex!

my brothers smelly socks from home,
oh! and i forgot this, some coffee from rome.
now we need blood from a lizard, barf from a bee,
cheese from my moms fridge, and a jabberwalky knee.
fur of bat, tail of possum,
some garlic, some salt. pepper to taste.

bacon! thats right! makes everything great!
the snout of a goat, lice fingertips
(i would add thumb) cuz lice and nits are supper supper dumb
i like them with ranch. but some like goose plum
it tastes just like chicken if you add the right dip

for sweetness, chocolate chips
the sweet smell of baby head.
fresh clean sheets on my bed

kitty cat mews and puppy dog
bark. the sounds of a child’s
laughter in a park.

twinkies, donuts and candied apples,
orieos work too!
organic agave for those who whooo!

finely, mermaid hair for color.
marigolds work also.
try some beak of a duck
(that brings good luck!)
and maybe some ginger, really, anything thats gold.
now let the magic unfold.


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