My Scary Dream.

last night i had a nightmare.
in my dream, i was in bed. in a fetal position with my hands clutched together.
i was awake in my dream.
but i could not move.
i could not communicate, or open my eyes.
i was utterly and completely trapped in my body.
it was not sleep paralysis, i have had that before,  where you area awake, but your body is still asleep. that was NOT my dream.
i cried out, The Head  and Princess woke me up. HA! you should have seen their faces.
but i learned something from my nightmare. it made me think of what it would be like to be paralysed, in a chronic vegetative state, have a stroke, be at the end stages of ALS or MS.
there is a term for it:
Locked in syndrome
check out the wikki:


only in my dream, i was also blind.
when i woke up later i told The Head about my dream.
i made him promise~ pinky~swear that if i ever EVER was in such a state, that he would let me go.
and i him.
shit, that reminds me. we should get our advance directive and living wills done and put in a safe place.
you should too.


what scary dreams have you had that made you do something in your life differently?




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