Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman died today
a drug overdose.
he was 46.
Hoffman is survived by his longtime partner
Mimi O’Donnell and their three young children.
he did not want to leave his children
he did not want to leave his lover
he did not want to die
he hated drugs, like most of us do
he had, in fact, been clean and sober for 23 years and relapsed on prescription drugs, he did go to rehab again, just recently as a matter of fact.

he said he went because he was “terrified”
but he lost the war.

a dear friend said to me today:
“We all have choices and demons. His just won”
trust me. no one WANTS to be addicted to drugs

this woman on facebook said this: “Dumb ass. What is with Hollywood ?? Scares me. My son is there. And pray everyday for him and his friends that they don’t succumb. Ya know. Very sad”


i responded:

“he was sick, it is a disease like cancer or diabetes. would you call anyone who died of cancer a dumb ass? and BTW it is not “Hollywood” he lived in NYC and it is everywhere, all over. in Hollywood, in the Midwest, Southwest Northeast, and even places like Florida or Anaheim EVERY WHERE. Addiction does not discriminate, race, social economic, gender, religion, education, or what one does for a living. People who fight it (and he was fighting it. he just lost the fight.) do not want to be addicts. what does not help is the judgement. they need out compassion and our love and our prayers. one more thing, trust me, if you call people who struggle with addiction, and your son is fighting it? he will never come to you for help and he will take it underground. and prayer will be your only hope.”

oh course she responded. no, her kid is NOT doing drugs. bla bla bla and she knows that it is everywhere”. WHAT EVER.

then, i shit you not dear reader, some ass-hole said “that addiction is not a disease” so i stopped reading and i did not go back to the thread.

because. bullshit.

i am bummed that the horrible disease of addiction is still judged as a character flaw. it is time to stop.
it is not a motherfucking character flaw!
what needs to happen is a HARDCORE investment in treatment instead of jail for those
who suffer from addiction.
and LONG HARD TIME. for dealers.
i do not know everything, but i do know this:
when Mr. Hoffman, walked though
the heavenly gates,
he walked into the arms of the Divine
who welcomed him home.
without judgement
without condemnation.
without damnation.
and with LOVE
he was free from his disease.
he was clean.
he was sober
he was healed.


a prayer:


dear G*d.
we have lost another great soul to addiction.
he was someones lover
he was someones daddy
three someones, BTW
he was someones friend
he was someones brother
he was someones son
he was loved by many people.
he was an amazing talent
with a gentle soul.
the world is losing to many
loved one to drugs.
i know that he is with you now.
please bless his family
bring them peace.
hold them close.
the kind only you can.
please protect them
judgemental ass-holes.
maybe someone
will get help now.


ashe’ amen and may it be so.


may you rest in peace. Philip Seymour Hoffman


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