Spring Magic

When we first moved up here from California I was awed by the seasons, they were different then what I have ever experienced . In California we would jokingly call the seasons:

Fire, Rain, Mudslide and Earthquake. HAR!

My first fall here was my first real fall. i even wrote a poem about it: 

It is leafing Mommy! Look! ” She said from the
back seat as we drove down the
road to The Maple Grove
“What?” I asked…
“Look!, it is leafing” She said again.
Ya know what?
It was!
Leaves of Red and Orange
and Purple and Pink
and Blue and Gold.
Floating down upon us
waving back and forth
like the Pendulum on a Grandfather clock.
a Rusty, Orangy, Yellowy Reddish Goldy one
Umber, I think it was.
I have always wanted to know what umber is, now I know.
I think.
It really does not matter.
Because It was LEAFING!
These leaves once
green, wick life
giving shade from the hot sun.
Are now dead, making room for more growth in the spring.
falling on us like the rain.
I love this time of year
more so now that I really have seen the Autumn colours
and felt the cold crisp mornings and warm afternoons
it is nice.


Our first winter here, it snowed. I am telling you IT SNOWED. It was also, by the way, my first White Christmas. cool.

The thing about Winter in the PNW is that we get a sneak peak of Spring at the end Januaryish, beginning of Februaryish, first with the Crocus, then the Daffodils, little patches of green pop out of the sometimes near frozen ground, everywhere! At the sides of the freeways, in the parks, and the thing that is most remarkable? sometimes they are wild!

What a miracle!

Usually it comes right around the time the city is about to RIOT for lack of sun, and warmth, although this year has been very mild, almost scary mild. it has been the driest January in years, but the hint that Spring is coming still makes me smile. Spring is coming! During the Spring, the days become magic, the mornings are frosty and cold. The sun warms the earth, and our very souls. then the sun goes down and the cold once again reminds us that it is indeed still Winter.

It will not dry up, as rain in the PNW is like pumpkin pie at thanksgiving. IT. JUST. IS.

But when it rains in the Spring and Summer, the birds keep singing, the children keep playing, and people just keep walking, drinking coffee, or chi tea if you are a hipster.

And no one uses an umbrella.

But the Crocus! the Daffodils! It is a reminder that Divine loves us.

That he/she is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The Spring! It always comes.

May it be so.


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