a little about me.

I am thinking
About life, how it can be beautiful and sad at the same times i love how The Divine loves me. because, grace. not because of who i am or who or what i become. or what i do. or whom i love. he(or she) only cares that i love!

I am thankful for….
For all that is my life. truly. i am grateful for the good. so so grateful. and i am even thankful for the bad, because i choose to learn from the hardships. i do not believe that “everything” happens for the good or even for a reason. But i do know, that i can make the choose how to deal with it! can i hear an AMEN?!

From the learning rooms…
The Buddha is working on his 8th grade project. it is preparing for the zombie apocalypse The Rock star is being 12, he says he does not like school. but i call pants on fire. Princess Pantalette is loving kindergarten, she is learning how to be in the world.

From the kitchen….
i have been baking a lot, winter brings that out of me. i put on one of my many aprons, i like the pinafore and make soups and roasts and bake. the winters in OR give me the room to do that here. tonight we are having pesto and bow tie pasts with bread.

I am wearing….
A dress that i got some some Renn Faire somewhere, i do not know if it was north or southern. it is brown with a high waist, it looks pretty with my brown gingham pinafore.

I am creating…
I am embroidering an alter cloth out of a red napkin. And needle felting a nativity scene. it will look really cool and i bet i am done by Thanksgiving! 

I am going….
To woman’s bible study. it is for wives. will it make me a better wife? only G*d knows, but it wont hurt!

I am reading...The Bible, Love and Respect, a book about finances and a bunch of others.

I am hearing…
The calling to serve, always everyday. i hear the calling. so i serve humanity by giving money to the poor. and alway alway looking them in the eye. I tell them “i hope things get better for you” and if they let me, i touch their hand. i remember that they are someones child. and they are worth my time and my money.

One of my favourite things…
Just one? these days it is watching or doing “girl things” with Princess Pantalette, We watch “Say Yes To The Dress” and yesterday we watched “The Secret Garden.” Last week we went to get mani/pedis. fun!

Making me laugh…
My kids, every day. last week we took the Buddha to the Dr. he has depression and anxiety. so now he is on a antidepressant. anyway, we were getting him all checked in by the MA. and when she said “so i guess that you are still a non smoker? and with out missing a beat he said “nope”

the head and i were LOAO’s. the look on the MA was priceless!

A few plans for the rest of the week….
School, i haveta go to traffic court to take care of a ticket that i did not know i had. wait for payday. we have enough $ this week so i will not need to go to the food bank and that is good.

i want to blog everyday. work on my alter cloth, go to a meeting at our children school in hopes that they will accept the Buddha into the high school PLEASEG*d PLEASEG*d PLEASEG*d PLEASEG*d PLEASEG*d PLEASEG*d PLEASEG*d PLEASEG


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