the road side cross.

I found a photo. The photographer is Parker Stevenson I found his work beautiful and mesmerizing. As I was browsing though the photos, I found one of a cross. it was raining. I could see the church in the far back ground. But in the photograph, It is the cross that stands out. this is a poem that came though to me, and I thank Spirit, for the words and Parker for his work.

I hope you like it, and Thanks to Parker for sharing his work with me. And go look at his work! He is a wonderful photographer. He has a great eye, you can the Divine shining though his work.

A single cross on the side of the road tells me

Some one has died in an accident there

It speaks of sorrow, loss, catastrophe

Flowers, teddy bears, heart balloons flanking

The road side gravestone.

But this cross does not tell me that.

It speaks of hope

Even in the rain.

Even in the cold.

Even in the wind.

Even alone

There is Hope.


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