A prayer for My childrens School

A Prayer for Our School

Spirit of life,

Holy One,

Divine Love known by many names,

And no name.

Guardian Spirit who is not

bound by Gender Or form Or ethnicity.

I bring before you the community of

Our school.

We have had loss. so much loss.

2 mothers dead.

4 beautiful children with out their mommies to tuck them in bed. 

2 tragic deaths, in as many months.
We lost a father not very long ago to cancer.

We have another father who is fighting  the hard, stubborn enemy that is cancer. 

We are a bereft community.
And we need your

Healing white light to

Cascade over us the waterfall

Of hope, of faith, and healing.

I pray for the children left with out mothers.
I pray for the children left without fathers.

I pray for the families who have lost a Son
a daughter, or a life partner

who are now raising their children alone.

I pray for the parents who have lost a friend.

I pray for the teachers who are teaching children who are in mourning.
Children. in. Mourning.

I pray for the children who are

unsure how help their classmates.

I pray for the children who are living in the fear  that their momma or daddy will die also.

Hold close the children

Hold close the parents

Hold close the faculty

Hold close the staff

But most of all Divine one;

Hold close the children who

have buried their mother or father.

Cover them in the

peace that passes

all understanding.

And Spirit of Live and Love

I ask that your protecting,

white, loving and pure light

falls unto us in abundance.




May it be so.


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