15 year old has major insomnia, it has been going on nearly a year. i have given him OTC sleeping pills. they work, sorta.
have gotten no real help from his Doc. he really really can not sleep. small screens are off at 6. they are not on at all during the week.
i will take any and all advice.
even if i have tried it before


6 thoughts on “help!

  1. Well….there are lots of reasons to have insomnia. Not knowing your child and not being a healthcare professional but having a little experience with 15 year olds, and that it has been going on for a year, anxiety could be a major culprit. Not easy to treat if you don’t know the cause…….but… Do you have a pet? Sleeping with someone or something that has a calming affect on you is often a good place to start. If your child is ‘bonded ‘ or ‘attached’ to a pet. Have them sleep with it…assuming its warm blooded and not nocturnal. Cats often play at night. Some of the best sleep my kids have is when they sleep with the dog. She just calms them down. Heck some of the best sleep I’ve had was when I slept with the dog. Bonding is not always a given. It takes a lot of constant contact. Like the first 8 weeks after a puppy comes home. There are some sleepless nights like with a baby but then rhythms kick in and there is sleeping through the night. Routine is also important. (Like ritual OCD important.)

    Now if the anxiety is significant, get counseling to get to the bottom of it. Get your kid to talk about what is bothering them. It could be a parent, both parents, a teacher, kids at school, sexuality, a changing body… If it is chemical imbalance, an anti anxiety med may help.

    Good luck.


  2. Hi Erika,

    Sorry I have no advice concerning insomnia but we will pray for your son. It must be a difficult time for you all.



  3. Yuck. I had insomnia for years, and it still pops up occasionally, mostly due to stress or anxiety. He’s a smart kid, and if it’s a matter of his brain not shutting off, some of this might help. Here are a few tricks I use. My favorite is to count to 1000 (just used this last night!). I rarely get past 700. If I’m especially mentally amped, I’ll breathe in and out for five counts each- eg breathe in 501-502-503-504-505, breathe out 506-507-508-509-510. The concentration on something other than my own thoughts usually knocks me out. If I lose count I just go back to the last number I remember. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook and it puts me to sleep, although if it’s a good audiobook, it can have the opposite effect. Agree with poster who mentioned some kind of counseling. I sought “insomnia” counseling a few years back and it did a lot of good. Some tips from those meetings- nothing electronic in the room; clocks turned away from sleeper; if not asleep after 30 minutes, get up and do something for 10 minutes, then back to bed; bed is ONLY for sleeping- no reading or playing on phone or anything; no stimulant intake after lunch (no pop); get up abnormally early and then stay awake until reasonable bedtime. This is all about training the mind and body physiologically and behaviorally to do what it should do. Good luck, hope this helps, and will send sleepy blue light M’s way. xoxo


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