this happened.

So This Happened.

I have changed all the names. if you can tell me what literary source the names are from in the comments section of my blog,

You win the internet.

It was a summer afternoon that Caroline, a parent in my sons class called to tell me that her daughter Laura, had heard from another classmate, Bathsheba, who said to Laura “Hay! didja know that Huck is gay? his mom sent out an email telling every one!” Laura told her mother, as soon as she got home.

yes. this. happened.
Well, no. I did NOT send out any such email.

I, Mrs. Rochester, would not have sent out such personal information, stating that Huck was gay, nor would I ever out any one, especially my own child. and for the record. Huck, is straight, he told me that a few months ago, so I will be missing the “I have a gay son” badge of honor on my socialist girl scout uniform,..

But we still have a chance for Bi-Racial grand babies

I digress.

Then I called Miss Muriel Stacy, Huck’s Teacher. Miss Stacy and I spent the week looking for clues, asking lots of questions, and trying to keep it from Huck. It took days to find out thatit was Mrs Norris who first said it and believes she read it in an email, Mrs. Norris was horrified, of course, she did send out an email telling the families in the class, that she mis-read an email and told Hermione’ and that she was so sorry.

The rumor got around fast, kids talk you know, I do not blame Hermione’ for sharing it. Kids talk, hell, everyone talks! Even if it is just to process the information.

What parent does that?
Does not question a letter like that?
Does not call or email me to ask:

“What the hell are you thinking sending an email out like this?”

Then without any hesitation, tell her teenage daughter?
uh, except there is no email.

I spent a great deal of time on my knees begging g*d to take it all way. to be honest i was a real mess.

But something wonderful happened. With out exception Huck’s classmates, when asked about the rumor, said to their teacher, something to the effect “Well we know it’s not true, and even if it was who cares?’
What a remarkable group of youth we have in the class. the idea that they had a classmate who may or may not have been gay was worth talking about. well, it is. like i said before, i do not blame them at all. but no one cared. who cares? right?
I get that we are so blessed to have the school we do, and the kids in it. and very blessed to have Miss. Stacy as our teacher.

Miss. Stacy and I decided to tell Huck what was going on, we wanted him decide what to do about it. We gave him the choice to confront it or just not address it. When Miss. Stacy told him he said. “Oh I already know that , Atticus told me that Fitzwilliam had told him” Huck went on to say that Atticus told Fitz to “shut the (insert colorful metaphor here) up” and “That it was not true” and to “stop saying that”. later, Atticus and Sir Lancelot (another classmate) said they would be watching Huck’s back.

We asked him if it would be okay to send out and email telling everyone it is not true, and I told him that I never sent out any email like that. Huck said “I know that ma,” and he said “Yes, we could send out an email.”

Miss Stacy asked him, so what if someone comes up to you and says something to you, calls you a “fag” or something? Huck, in true Huckleberry form, said, “I will tell them insert “colorful metaphor” off and say that is not true” and even if it were, “who the colorful metaphor” cares?”

Ah, he is my son after all. he has a mouth like his momma.

Miss Stacy and i held our smiles and she said that s fine, and if that happens, please go to her and tell her right away.
Later Mrs. Norris spoke to Huckleberry and he forgave her.

He. forgave. her.

I have known since the day he was born that he would change the world.
Touch the souls of people.
This week he touched my soul.
He touched Mrs.Norris’s soul.
He touched Miss Stacy’s soul.

I made that remarkable kid. with some help of course!
His Father, Mr. Rochester made him,
Our faith community made him.
He classmates made him,
His 100-year-old soul just protected him.

I grew
This amazing
Magnificent person.

And wow! G*d trusted me to grow this person.
Holy Shit!! What the hell is G*d thinking?

Huck is
strong in his spirit,
he knows who he is.
knows some secret that i do not know.

Maybe someday he will tell me.


3 thoughts on “this happened.

  1. great sermon, great story, great mama, great kid.
    i am grateful beyond words to live long enough to witness the social changes in this country, and the persecution of gays diminishing.
    and even to see us affirmed. i could never have imagined this would come to pass, or that i would get to step into this emmerging new
    paradigm while still on the planet.
    congratulations, erika!


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