Today the Buddha and i went clothes shopping for school. as we were driving home

i stopped at a light. There was a man, he had a sign,

i could not read it, although it would not have

mattered anyway. He was clearly, very, very ill. He

still had a stint in his chest from what i think must have

been for the chemotherapy, he still had the hospital

bracelet thingy on. His right arm was amputated at and above

the shoulder, this man was in jeans no shoes, no shirt. he

was very, very thin. gaunt, yellow and sad, he was so so

sad. He is alone. He is dying. Yes, i am saying all of this

from the 4 minutes that i saw him. i began furiously digging

in my purse for cash to give him, i came up with 6 bucks.

The Buddha had to get out of the car to give him the money.

Only his eyes said thank you.

My eyes caught the eyes of another woman in the car next to mine.

She was digging also, we were both crying for him. And we both knew it when we

looked at each other. We just knew. This man, this child of

G*d. Sick and alone. With no safe place to lay down. He

should be in the hospital. He has a right be safe. in his last days.

A warm place with others who will hold him in those last

moments on earth, It was sad that the Buddha saw it, we

have been giving money to people his whole life. That is

nothing new. The Buddha was moved by the man also. he said

“wow, he looks really sick”. He asked me why i was crying. i

could not talk right away. i was thisclose to the ugly cry.

This is America folks. “Land of the free home of the

brave.” “give us your tired you poor your huddled masses.”

Where health care is a privilege. Not a human right. And

hold the phone if you have a mental illness or PTSD from

fighting one of our many wars. Or if you are an addict. Or

if you have been to prison. Where a warm safe place to sleep

is a privilege. Not a human right. Where food in his belly

is a privilege not a right.

This man will be in my heart forever.

But alas, i can only pray for him. Hand him over to the

Divine. Lay him at the foot of the cross. Jesus died for him

too ya know. i do not know if he believes in a higher power.

i am not sure i would if i were sick and on the street. so i

will believe for him and the other 2,542 to 2,727 homeless

in my town. i will give out dollar bills when ever i can.

i will never ever forget the man today.

i am sure he will die on the streets, no one will know his name. i know

this, G*D knows his name, he knows every hair on his head.

and when he dies, he will be welcomed at the gates of

paradise where he will be whole,healthy and warm and not

hunger. He will feel the Grace that is for all of us.

If he dies on the street He will be at the coroners for

a while. Then he will be cremated with the others who died

on the street and have no name and buried in a pauper’s grave.

Did you even know that there are still paupers graves?

There are.


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