Depression is silent and invisible.

It comes and goes like waves on the ocean, they are always there, sometimes they are small and light, just touching the tips of your toes. Other times they are a little bigger, climbing over your feet and maybe getting your calves wet if you have not folded up your pants you might have to change your clothes.

But….sometimes the waves are subtle sorta small but strong. and if you are not careful. the wave can carry you out to sea. forever. just you and the ocean. and sharks and sea monsters and box jelly fish and pirates and whales and maybe piranhas. and who knows that might be just what you want. to be carried out to sea. But then other times the waves are so big, so big.

Like the waves at the end of Point Break, when Bodhi fights with Johnny Utah and then Johnny lets Bodhi go out to the waves in the 100 year storm. then, Johnny throws his FBI thingy in the water. and he surfs every day, but what we do not know if he is still sleeping Tyler. who end up being Tank Girl, and that fucked up her career, i think. with those big waves. like that. only you never really know what wave you will wake up too.

so yeah depression suckith verily.


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