This, I believe

I believe in love. I believe that the Divine created us to

be who we are and with that, who we love. I believe that we

are born straight, gay, BI or Queer. I believe that when I

stand before the divine, or fall to my knees, cuz who knows?

he(or she) is going to ask me;Not how I voted. If I was

Republican or Democrat Not what church I went to. Not

how many people I Led to the Lord. Not what bumper

stickers I had on my car. Not if I protested this or that.

Not what I had on my Face book. Not what music I

listened to. Ha! I do mostly listen to Hymns and worship. I

will not be asked: If I was submissive to my husband.(but I

do believe he/she will ask if I respected him)Not if I kept

silent in church or kept my head covered during worship,

(though I often do cover for worship)I will not be asked; If I

stood against other traditions of Faith. Not if demonstrated

against Sharia law But did stand for “biblical Law”

Uh, can someone tell me the difference? Both are based on centuries old sacred writings…

I believe I will not be asked if I supported anti-choice

legislation. And reproductive freedom Or I made sure my

children stayed “pure” by not providing the access to info

about safe sex.

However,I do believe: I will be asked if I loved. I will

be asked if I feed the hungry. I will be asked if I cared

for the sick. I will be asked if one that one day when G*d

whispered to me,”give her $5” and I did not, cuz guess who

that was? It was Christ, or and Angel sent by the Divine.

And I did not feed them. I will be asked if I opened my

heart and If I embraced the different; the other. The

unloved and the unwanted.

I will be asked if I forgave those who needed my

forgiveness. I will be asked if I looked deep into the eyes

of those I served in his name. I will be asked, if I lived

my life fully, deeply, with intention, Because I was created

to do just that. I will be asked if I thought for myself. If

when reading The Torah, The New Testament, The Noble

Qur’an Or any other Holy Scripture that I took if for what

it is: A template or blueprint for living.

I will be asked, If upon hearing something that just

kinda stuck me weird, from a Pastor or other teacher, I

asked: Is this true? How do you know it is true? Is this

from you Lord? If I asked: why? Over and over again. I will

be asked if I learned about other traditions of faith so that

I may connect with the followers of that faith. I will be

asked if I led the life that Christ Lived.

I will be asked if I lived by the New Commandment:

John 13:34 The Message (MSG) 34-35“Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another.

This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.

And if by chance I am wrong, Then still I choose to be

wrong and err on the side of LOVE’ I will still stand on the

side of love. Of affirmation. Of acceptance. Of seeing the

Divine in the Other and the Different And yes, even in


A prayer:

Divine One.

Holy One with many names

and no name.

You how are not bound

by gender or form.

I choose love.

Just as you did.

I choose to love

The unlovely

The Different and the other.

I will keep trying to be forgiving,

you forgave me.

I will model for my children

Your Life.

They will watch me give

They will watch me look into

The eyes of your Children.

Of whom we all are.

They will watch me touch

the Untouchable.

They will know the Lord

by our love.

Amen, Ashe’ and May it be So


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