more on forgiveness.

Today has been tough.

I have had to remind my self that I

have forgiven the two persons who

defamed me.

i think i will need to do it everyday.

Everyday i need to lay this at the

cross, or the ark or in the warm

embrace of the divine.

But I still have a raw, open

festering wound.

I realize that forgiveness is

a continued work.. it does not just

energize the pain away like one

goes from the Star Ship

Enterprise to some weird

planet below.

When I think of what they did.

When I think of how they have

hurt other people.

When I think of the worst…

What would have happened if they

told the wrong person

I feel like I am being punched in

the balls. (so to speak)

Yes, they are forgiven.

And yes I am still hurting.

And still scared.

And still angry.

And still very sad for the loss

of two people whom I trusted.

And I will never trust them ever

ever again.

So I breath, and I breath again.

I breath in the love and the healing

and the hope and the light that is



blow out

the fear

and anger

and sadness

and loneliness

And I hold in

the deep sanctuary of my heart

and light

and love

and health

and healing

and the hope that soon they will

find all that they need.

Until then I shall, hold

Them in the deep, cool, waterfall

loveliness that is prayer.

Amen, Ashe’ and May it be so.


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