so, this happend.


so, yeah, some people are vindictive and mean.

They live to hurt other people.

I am sure that only the broken persons are out to hurt people. Even the ones

they love, Or used to anyway.

Two people that I thought were friends have defamed me to another person

whom I have great affection and respect.

I hear that she did not believe them. But that does not matter.

At all.

It is so far beyond the point. Ya know?

These woman put my family at risk by their lies.

And what they said was an outright lie.

They told this person that I had a drinking and drug problem!

Holy fuck!

That is so far from the truth that it is almost funny!

I can count on ONE HAND how often I have had a drink in the last 2 months.

They know it is not true and they did it to hurt me, do you know why I know?

Cuz they told the 3rd party and NOT MY HUSBAND!

I mean. DUH!

If they were truly worried about my health and the safety of my family, they

would come to ME or my HUB.

I do not know what to do.

Do I call a lawyer and have them write a cease and desist letter?

Do I confront them both with the lies?

Do I ignore them?

Do I key their cars?

Do I simply pray for them? And them over to the Divine?

But the thing is I do not believe in a vindictive G*D.

I do know that karma can really come back to kick you in the ass. and that is THIS LIFE TIME. If you are lucky. Ya know?

I also know this. That their behaviour come from a sickness and insanity that is

theirs and theirs alone.

The people who truly love me.

The people who truly know me.

The people who matter to me and me to them.

Know it is complete and utter bullshit.

But I am still hurt beyond words.

And I am scared cuz who else are they saying this to?

Then there is this other part of me that simply wants to crawl under a rock and never come out again.

Then a another part wants to fight for my reputation. HA! Reputation!

But i am still sad.

A prayer:

Holy One.

I set before you this huge issue

I know that YOU know the truth,

and that should be what matters huh?

But I am hu-woman and it is not that easy.

My feelings are hurt

I am even sorta scared

what will they do next?

I do not trust that they will just stop.

I know for sure one wont.

I know that they are sick and scared.

Just fellow spiritual beings having a human experience.

So for now lord.

Please bless them,

Bless their socks off!

show them your love. your healing.

Your amazing grace.

In the name of the holiest of holiest names

amen ashe’ and may it be so.


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