The Last Spiral

The Last Spiral Dance

We stand in an imperfect circle, we hold hands.

Mothers and Fathers with babies in slings,

wiggly toddlers trying to be patient,

tweens and teens, elderly statespersons

and all the ages in between.

Rev Dana breaks the circle and starts walking,

she leads with her heart, slowly, with intention.

Every year we dance the spiral,

it is our good bye for the summer.

But today, today is different.

I wonder what is she thinking to herself?

So, in my minds eye, I step into her shoes.

Remember this moment. Live in the right now.

This is the last spiral dance.

I ask:

How does the grass feel under your feet?

The sun on your face?

The little hand you hold in yours?

Is this one of those moments of Namaste?

 With each face you see, can you feel in your heart,

the divine in me greeting the divine in you?

Does your heart soar with love and joy and sorrow,

all at the same time?

I step back into my own self and

see the spirit of life washing over the spiral like a waterfall.

It cascades, the love and atonement and family

and forgiveness and hope and grace.

Turning the field into a cathedral; a tabernacle.

I see the branches of the trees reaching

up to the sky as if in worship.

The children’s laughter

and rushing river is the hymn.

As the dance draws to a close.

Rev. Dana stops and just watches.

The expression on her face is of peace,

the kind that passes all understanding.

It is the last spiral dance with Dana,

but it is not our last spiral dance,

we have many more.

We will dance.

And we end in a perfect circle.


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