a prayer for Boston

Spirit of life
one who is known by many names
and no name
you, you are not
bound by gender or form

How we are hurting.
Such carnage.
Such pain
a child was killed.
He was 8

Hold his family very close.

I saw lord, a photo
of a man, a runner who lost both legs.
The photo looks like a horror movie still.
I will never forget it.

and I was not even there.

A friend was.
She was running
and stopped at a medical tent
cuz her stomach hurt.
She was 2 blocks away Lord.
Thank you that she is safe.

She is not completely okay.
But she will be.
She has you.

Dear Gracious One.
Pour your love and protection
and grace and healing and light
like a waterfall on Boston.

God Bless us.
Every One.



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