my easter post

something happened.

early on a sunday morning, in their way to complete the unspeakable task of preparing their teacher, jesus’ body for burial;
the women, including his mother were stopped by something;
inconceivable to be honest.

something happened


it changed them.
it changed religion.
it changed, well, everything.

it appears that love ruled.
love won.
forgivness won.
it conquered the unconquerable.
yea, even the most brutal of deaths it concurred.
so barbaric, ruthless and savage was his death, that most of his students and followers bailed.
save for the women, who stood by
and bore witness.
with heart stabbing torment
they watched.
brave and steadfast in their love and faith and devotion to this man.
they watched in horror as he suffered.
the others, the others, well, they ran for the hills in fear and rage and agony.
i suppose they just could not stand by and watch.
or maybe they were just cowards.
i do not know.
it does not matter, now.

because something happened.

after years of teaching and modeling love
the different.
the other.
the unlovable.
the untouchable.
the unwanted.
the unneeded.
the ones but for to him did not matter.

he was a humble carpenter and rabbi who was so
unyielding to the social norms of the
day and rules of engagement
so unwavering in his calling
that his simple truth
his message

his liberal message
to love.
to forgive
was so powerful that it caused the people in
in religion
and in politics to
take notice.

something happened

a man occupying the hearts of all who
came to know him.
with his
his sanctity.
his servant hood.
his teachings.
his simple commandments to,

love one another.
love your enemy.
forgive over
and over
and over
and then forgive again!

it put such fear into the hearts of the elite.
the rich and powerful, the religious
“the man.”
that they tried to get rid of him
by imposing the death penitently.

though he was innocent of any true crime.
he was killed.

and then, something happened.

though we can never really know.
though we can not understand.
it does not really matter we can not our selves
concur death.
not as he did anyway.

if that was what happened.

and we should not.
because if we did.
if we could;

then that something, that happening.

did not happen.

and we have learned nothing.

and his death was for naught.


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