i have a funny dead dad story:

short back story: when i had my 2ed son i almost died. for reals. i was in the ICU for 3 days. got 7 units of blood. it sucked.

anyway, 5 years later i got preggers. it was so unexpected that i did not know till i was nearly 8 and half weeks along. the hub one night said out of the blue “damn gurl, didja get a boob job and not tell me?” so off i went to the 99c store, got like 6 pee sticks and all of them were pink. Holy Mother of Santa.

the next day i went to my doc who said “Holy Mother Santa”, i want you to have an ultra sound RIGHT NOW.. i was fine…little baby sack right where it should be.
we only told my BFF and my Sister.
the next week we got another test to make sure the baby was healthy (i was 43) and she was. and it was a she!
that was when we got the courage to tell my mom who, for the recorded was a bat shit crazy narcissistic bitch. to whit: when i was in ICU after Colin was born she came into the ICU and YELLED yes YELLED in all caps. “DO NOT EVER DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!” i have eye wittiness. yup that was Bonnie in a nutshell. good times.

knowing that bonnie would most likely shit a brick, a kitten and maybe even a unicorn. i was understandably freaking the fuck out. the night i called my dad answered the phone. he had cancer and was on hospice, but still feeling ok and getting around and stuff though, we did take a way his car keys ( another story not a funny one).
this is how the conversion went:

me: “hi daddy. i am pregnant. i am fine. the baby is fine i am 10 weeks along and its a girl.”
daddy (with out missing a beat) “want me to tell your mother? she cant hit a dying man”.

he was a fucking hero.

and yes she was pissed off.

daddy never got to meet Salem Ysabell. he died 3 months before she was born. one day i was feeling so so sad about that. he and my mom both were shit parents. but loved LOVED being grandparents and were good at it!
one of my very good friends said to me that daddy held and knew her long before any of us did.
that gave me such peace and still does.

the end


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