On the social network face book, people have been posting 30 days of gratitude did not do it on face book but I made one for you.

here is my list, in no particular order/

My husband who has made coffee for me nearly every morning of Our marriage.

My really remarkable children

Anti depression meds


Skylar freeman’s squishy hugs

My children’s school

My husbands job

A good sneeze

Hot showers at midnight



That my mother is no longer suffering

A nice iced tea on a hot or even cold day.

People who get my sometime very inappropriate jokes

Take and bake pizza

The cool side of the pillow


That the Presidential Election is OVER. I mean, really.

People who take down the vote for so and so signs that are on the public roads. Most of them are already gone.

That my Son Mathias shaved over 4 minuets from his time this seasons in Cross County. Watching him grow and get faster and to see the pride that grow in him was a honor.


That Jerry Spriggs lets me call him “old poop”

A nice grilled cheese sandwich, with mayo and Dijon mustard (just a touch)

My alters. They bring me great peace.

That I finely got an i Phone.

The suffragettes.

The movie Now Voyager, with Bette Davis.

The look of Tibetan prayer flags in the wind.

The new boons ferry wing.


Snow Days.

My mommy girl friends. I do not know what I would do with out them.

Sharing chick flicks with my daughter. Grant it its Disney, but still!

Fellow friends who have also gone though the type if depression I have. Their understanding and support is priceless

A wonderful religious community, that is more like family then anything. that challenges me and supports My family.

Locally brewed beer

My sister and brother in law. What wonderful people.

Long weekends at Brietenbush hot springs


7th graders, that make me laugh every day.

5th graders, who also make me laugh every day

Watching old episodes of mission impossible and emergency

on Net flex.

My kids laughing

The gum wall in Seattle

That my 11 year old is a sarcastic punk. I love that about him.

My husband lets me sleep in on Saturday, well sometimes it is almost like he is making me sleep.

Warm socks.

Gay and Lesbian couples who have been together longer than my grandparents

My daughter, I can see what a wonderful woman she is going to grow in to She is her own person. At 5! how awesome is that.

Breakfast for dinner.

The first day of school

The last day of school

The beach, on a warm day.

Flip flops on rainy days

Rain boots on sunny days

that first day in the spring when the sun shines on your face. And the warmth fill your soul, reminding you why we live here in Pacific North West.

Really Really good days.

Getting out of a ticket.

Popcorn. With extra butter and salt

Serving the Church.

Loving community


3 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. repeating what i said on facebook is that i love your sense of humor, depth and youness. and i’m grateful you like my squishy hugs which i love to give to those with open and receptive hearts. i also want to let you know that i know about depression. my brother suicided because of it. so did my nephew. and i’ve suffered from it my entire life. in my 20’s and 30’s i was hospitilized a few times, even doing one stint in napa state hospital in california. so count me among your group of understanding supporters, and may we all be freed from suffering, and be given courage in the event we are not granted that freedom.


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