I dreamed a dream

Last night I dreamed a dream, here it is.

The Head,Princess Pantalette  and I were house  sitting for my in laws. I do not know where the man cubs were.

The IL were in Israel.

The house we were in was huge and on the beach. I could hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach through out the whole dream.

But it was not their house, they live in a condo in Pasadena.

I was sitting with PP while she played on a grand piano in I guess what people call the great room.

She played beautify, she was the age she is now. 5 and played like she had been playing for decades and was playing something she had composed. It was entrancing. I was completely mesmerized by the beauty of her music.

All of a sudden there were two men in suits at the piano saying we need her to come to our school she will be the most (some word I can not remember) of our time.

I said no, she is just a child and for now, she will just be a child who likes to play piano.

Then the suits were gone.

Then something spilled on the piano, I do not know what, maybe a milkshake or something? So I starting to clean it up and parts of it began to break. I could see what looked like blinds (like the ones on our window coming out of parts of it. I was able to fix it, sorta, but every time I went to wipe of the stuff the piano moved, like across the room. I was chasing i, pushing it back to where it belonged. it was very very heavy.

I finely got it in a spot where it could not move. And kept cleaning it. With towels but there were two or three spots I could not get out. Just as I was was going to the laundry room to get some pledge, (yes I remember it was pledge)

The in laws came home! I started to beg the Head to go pick up the bedroom and make the house look descent for them I knew that they were early, like days early. The Head just kept chatting with them and laughing as I ran around trying to make things right.

Then the IL gave me a huge piece of Israeli lace, it was beautiful and had pockets. And pieces hanging from it. But they were meant to be there. It really was breath taking. It was shaped like a family crest.

I put it down after all the thank yous and how lovely’s were said, then went to go the pledge, my MIL just said, “don’t worry you can pay so and so 50 bucks and it will be taken care of” but I knew that I had to do it. So I get to the laundry room and I see the can of pledge. It was blue and on top of a shelf filled with things, tons and tons of things.

Think the Cratt brothers closet in Zaboomafoo.

The can was not wedged in anything, it was just sitting there. So I took it off the shelf. Then things kept falling on me. Rags, big rubber tubes, garden tools both big and small. Each one I caught and held on to. Holding it all in with my arms outstretched. Things falling and falling.

Then the big things were falling on me. Sinks, 2 of them, big ones like what would be in a farm house. Red and blue. They were red and blue!

The whole time I was screaming for the head to come get me. To help me.

Then the MIL came in to get a tube to make something I swear it was like moonshine or something. She walked behind me, (I was still holding all the stuff) and got the kind of tube that one uses for the dryer, it was IN THE DRYER, she said nothing. Then FIL walked by went into a bed room that I did not know they had and put or took something from there. He said nothing. Things just kept falling on me. Every time I thought it would stop, and I could put them down to start putting them back more shit would fall on me.

And no one helped. Everyone was in the other room having a good time.

Then I woke up.

I know this dream means something. Big. But there is so much to it. So I need help. Please PLEASE. Share this blog post with friends who might know or have some insight. And comment on the blog also.

People who comment on my blog makes me feel very bloggery and important. Mmmkay?



4 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream

  1. I think it was telling you that all the stuff that has been cluttering your mind from the past is trying to get dropped, but you keep holding it in place and thinking that someone will take it away from you. You, yourself must just plain let go and drop the bag of garbage and everything else you are holding. Nobody else can help you–your happiness is within you alone. As for all the family having a grand time–well, they aren’t holding the stuff! As for Miss P, well who knows what all that was except maybe you were seeing your own innocence many years ago thru her at the piano. Then she must grow up and things begin to break. Dear one, just let it all go!


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