opening words. sept 16 2012

this is the opening words i wrote for this mornings service. i hope you like it.

my name is yes.

Webster defines it as affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent.

It is the number PI as i bring about infinite possibility.

It is like the brightness of Venus or the reflection of the full moon on the white white snow.
it is turning on the flash light.
or maybe it is walking along in the dark with
your hands out stretched trusting in what ever or
whomever you do trust
not to let you walk into a tree.
It is taking huge chances, like spending one million, one hundred and forty four thousand, one hundred sixty one dollars and eighty cents. To build a new wing with classrooms and a awesome elevator during the worst economic crisis since the depression.

it is going back to college when your really really old.
Like 50
it is couch to 5 k in 6 weeks
It is the memory of our elders taking the first ride on our elevator.

Children playing for hours going up and down. up and down,
then finding the intercom until, well enough was enough.
The ‘yes Sayers’ Who taught me that some times,
Yes is the window that g*d opens when a door slams shut.
OR the yes is kicking the door open again!,

When they said yes,
the possibilities were born.
Saying YES meant new classrooms. And a Elevator.
Saying YES, meant that people shared their hearts and words with the loving support of this congregation from this pulpit and rocking it.
yes is doing it any way,
it is being open to the yes even though you have doubts.
Even though we did it in 1975 and it did not work.
it is giving a chance to the other who may have the perfect or not so perfect plan.
saying yes, making
our brotherhood and
sisterhood feel
needed ,wanted ,worth while, heard
I am yes.
In Spanish I am SI
In french I am OUI
In Klingon I am HI JA
In Yiddish I am YE or YO
In Latin I am ITA VERO
In Scotland I am “AYE”
IN Hebrew I am KEN
When my oldest son was just leaning to speak
yes was GA-DO!’

I am yeah!
I am Uh Huh!
I am Ga-do!
I am For realz!
I am Yea Verily!
Can I get an AMEN?

So mote it be!


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