i will….

School starts in a few hours.

56 hours.


The man cubs start on Wednesday.

Then in one more week Princess Pantalette will be

in kindergarten.

I am going to take a class.

I am going to go to my shrink once a week.

I am going to spend time with G*d.

There are a cupola places that are sorta of

retreaty” around the Portland area.

I am going to go to brietenbush hot springs more,

even for the day.

I am going to study the bible more.

I am going to catch up on every episode of

LEVERAGE. It is a really really good show. But I

can not decide if my boy friend is Tim Hutton o

r Christian Kale.

I will get my foot fixed and work out when it is done.

I will start to train for 5 k.

couch to 5 k. I can do it

I will lose weight.

Like 75 pounds

I can.

I will finish going though my parents photos

I will campaign for Obama.

I will cook with my crock pot.

I will miss my mom

I will miss my dad

I will wear my “mourning” ring as long as I feel the need to.

And take it off when I am ready.

I will write a sermon about grief in America.

I will blog about  about being mentally ill and dying. maybe it will be a book.

I will write a book about

I will keep growing.

I will go to bed before midnight.

Well, I will TRY to go to bed before midnight.

I will let people love me.

I will love me.


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