Forgiveness comes in many forms, let me share just one:
years ago while my sons, who were 18 months and 3 yeas, still in diapers both of them. They were playing in a little pool that my folks had bought them. My dad and I filled it with water and a bunch of stuff from my moms kitchen, some of it should would not be happy about!

As they splashed around and played, dad and I sat watching them drinking a beer, I think it was. At some point a battle of wills broke out amongst the man-cubs. I calmly went over, negotiated a truce with out blood shed and sat back down took a swig of beer and sighed.

Dad said:
“You are such a good mom”

I said
“Thanks dad, a good beer helps” I winked at him and we toasted the day

But that was not what he was telling me. What he really said was:
“I am sorry that I was not the father you needed,
I am sorry that your mom and I did not do the best we could
I am proud of what you have become in spite of your upbringing
I hope someday you can forgive me”

What I really said was,
“You are right dad, about all those things and more. But I forgive you.”

The thing is, the forgiveness came at that very moment.
Just like that.

Forgiveness comes in many forms.


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