i am baaaacccckkk!

Hello! Remember me?
This is my blog.
And I back. I won’t bore you with details of what I have been doing. Some stuff though, I will share.
But first things first.
I will blog everyday this year.
That is one of my New Year goals.
I do not do resolutions.
I do goals.
Sometimes it might just be a short post.
At other times it will be a novel.
But I will, everyday, post something.
My other goals,in no particular order are as follows:
Take a class at the local CC (maybe *voice)
Lose weight. Really. My body is out of control.
To that end, I will train for something fun.
Maybe a 5 k? there is an net program called
Couch to 5 k! http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml
Be more attentive to my spouse and children.
Be more attentive to ME.
Say “yes” more often when asked “if I have spare change.”
Find a wonderfull bible study with likeminded progressive Christians.
Sleep more by going to bed earlier.
Eat less.
Yell less.
Pray more.
Eat more green things.
Eat less white things.
Drink more water.
Say “NO” without apology more.
Get an iPhone.
Play more.
Dance more.
Speak more about loving Jesus.
Be a bigger voice for the Christian Left.
I think that might be it! I guess if I achieve even a couple
It would be good, huh?
A prayer:
Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names and
No name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity or
Orientation or denomination or even political party.
I pray for the strength to achieve some, of if not all of the goals.
Yes, some are easy.
Some are hard.
But I Know that In you and with your strength, I can do all things (Phil. 4:13)
I love you Holy One.
And I know that you are always with me.
Thank you very much for loving me.


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