Urgent prayer request

I believe in the power of prayer.

Over the years when I have taken things to the divine in prayer he/she has always in one way or another come through.

Sure, sometimes the answer is “no” or “not now”

and sometimes the answer is yes.

for me, when I pray, somehow, some way and I am not sure how this works,

the act of prayer becomes an act of letting go of the need. I believe when I hand it over to the divine it is no longer my need. It becomes G*ds problem

Giving this need and or want to the divine can be rather freeing.

so yeah, I really do believe in prayer and that it works. And I believe that when more people pray for something that the power of that prayer is stronger…

to that end; I am asking for prayer. I am putting out there a specific need. Ask and ye shall receive, right?

OK, here it is.

The Buddha needs to go to “reading camp” here is the link:


The reading camp link is down on the right side of the page

The summer camp is a four week program and is highly recommended by our sons teacher.

It is also, wait, you should sit down for this. I will wait.

Maybe you should take a minute to get a drink, I know that I needed one when I found out the information I am about to share with you.

In fact I am going to go get some ice cream. I will BRB

ok I am back are you ready?

It is $700.00 yes folks, SEVEN. HUNDRED. BUCKS.

And of course we just do not have it. We don’t. And I have no idea where in the world we will get it.

But I believe that the Buddha needs to do this, he needs the help, he has struggled with his reading for most of his schooling. Now he IS improving he is working hard. And we are so proud of him. But I also know that this could help. And he deserves the help.

I also believe, or maybe even KNOW G*D is bigger than any or all of our needs. I KNOW that $700.00 is a drop in the bucket for the creator of the universe.

I am praying for the $700.00 to send the Buddha to camp.

I ask that you pray for this as well,

in what ever manner you pray.

Or manifest.

Or will into being.

Or meditate.

Or if you burn a candle

please would you do it?

We need the money by the 15th of June.

And yes, we are doing more that just praying. The Head is looking for some web work. I will be available to babysit and I will save the money. I am going though things I can put on craigslist. we also praying about asking The Heads folks for the money.

Thanks friends. Really. Thank you so much.


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