The Buddha

The Buddha is growing

he is almost as tall as me.

This happing to fucking fast, mmmkay?


He is such a good kid.





He is, I think, a medium.


I have know since the day he was born was special.


When he was two, maybe 18 months he asked me from the back seat of the car


mommy? Do you remember when you were the baby and I was the mommy?”


Yes. He. Did.


I knew then, I that I was in trouble. We had messed up in some way and had got a life-do-over.


Then I was excited and a little jealous. He knew he had been here before, and he was ready for NOW.


Over the years he has shared with me and others that he sees spirits, it has rarely scared him, but sometimeses they make him nervous


once he told me he was in the boys room at school and a ghost came to him. He said he told it. “i am to young to help you, please go find someone else”


he was 8. EIGHT.


Last month he told me that Papa. (my dad) had visited him. He woke up at 3 am and he could “smell papa”

then the Rock Star piped in “you mean like cigarettes and old people?”


yeah,” the Buddha said.




And just today the Buddha said that a man is visiting him at night, he is tall and buff and he in “connected” to Papa. I am trying to think who that might be, maybe my uncle bill? Maybe my grandfather? He was tall, but I do not remember him buff.


He told me that they do not scare him


the tall man, feels to The Buddha like he has known him before, like he was close when he was born, or maybe is died when the Buddha was being born. But he knows my dad, somehow. Buddha is not sure they knew each other here, but they know each other on the other side. And they are aways close.


I am thinking my uncle bill.

That is ok with me


Daddy was not very close to his dad, so I am not sure.


I need to find away to help Buddha with this, mostly support and encourage this gift. I am not sure how to do that.


Not that I want him to go on “Paranormal children” but it would be nice to know how to raise a medium.


On a completely different topic, it is raining again. How I miss the sun. but I know spring is coming ask me how I know…..


ok I will tell you. The ants are back.


A prayer:


Spirit of life, Holy One,

Divine Love known by many names
And no name,

One who is not bound by

gender or form or ethnicity

or orientation!


thanks so much for the Buddha,

that you and he chose ME to be his mom

thanks that he is open

and wonderful

and courages

and strong

and loving

and loyal

and funny.


I pray that he continues to not

fear his gift


I pray he embraces it.

Feeds it.

Nurtures it.


As he sows this gift, I pray

for wisdom to help him find his way.

Give me, Holy One, what I need

to support him and love him though this.


And Dear One, may what he reap from

this gift, may he use it

for the good.



I pray that you continue to bring

people in his life who can

support him

teach him

love him


and learn from him.


Remind me, that he

is and was yours first.


When in those not so good mommy moments

shine your light on me to remind me I am also your child.


In the name of all the holy names



may it be so.



4 thoughts on “The Buddha

  1. Beautiful and earthy, just like you. I can’t believe we’ve never met in person. Your boy sounds like he’d be a nice friend to my girlies- why aren’t we neighbors? I think we’d drink a lot and have fun. A lot of fun. The prayer really touched one “one who is not bound…”. Please keep writing, mama.


  2. ya… yu know i’m such a minimalist. never a good one to ask ‘what to do’ on any particular subject around our kids because my answer is always the same…nuthin. except love and support them through no matter what it is they’re up to or what society would say, ‘going through.’ i see no abnormalities here or anything ‘out of the ordinary’ and would treat this subject the same as if he said, ‘i just stubbed my toe.’ to me this is as normal as anything. having no contact with the spirit world is something i would consider abnormal. this is every bit as normal as learning to read when 10 years old! 🙂 hehheee…


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