it is DEAD. ok?

I have been thinking.

About death.

And something has been bugging me for a long time.

I think that only old people “pass away”

if you are young and you die.

Then you died.


for example:

Jack Billings aged 84 years, passed away in his sleep on the 3 of July. He is pre-deceased by his wife Virgina to whom he was married 56 years at the time of her passing…

Here, we see an old man, he passed away. He was old. Old people are supposed to die, to, pass away.

Here is another one:

the Rev. Frank Jones passed away from pneumonia on Febuary 13th. , he was 90 years old and had been in

failing health for many years. He never married.

See? 90, from pneumonia the “old mans friend”.

But, when someone young dies? It should not be called “passing away”.

Laura Peterson age 23, was killed in automobile crash, Jan 1 2009. she was hit by a drunk driver. In lu of flowers,family requests donations to MADD

Jake Doyle died of a drug over-dose. He was 18 years old.

Kathy Smith age 8 died of cancer on march 3.

Do you understand? Young people are not supposed to die.

It is just not ok.


OR for that matter parents of young children.

In the last few years, I have been to funerals of too many people my age or younger.

And tonight an old acquaintance is making funeral arrangements for her husband who was killed this morning in a plane crash.

A fucking plane crash!

She is a WIDOW!

she is the 2nd widow i know.

i am only 45, i am not supposed to know

2 widows my age!

It just happens huh?

People just die.

a plane crashes.

a tsunami drowns you.

or nuclear meltdown

kills you. either fast

or g*d help you




And it happens to all of us.



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