i have been long such a long time, i am sorry. i feel ready to start writing again, i am going slow tonight.

I am thinking….

Of my mother, she is in so cal and I am up here in the PNW, she is dying, not actively TODAY, but she is dying and I can not be with her. I have a toddler, I am a stay at home mom, I have two boys in Primary school. My beloved works full time.

I must let go of what I want or what I think is supposed to happen and just let it go. G*d is in control. It will be ok. It is not MY DEATH, she has a right to die angry and sad and even lonely. that is her choice.

I am thankful for….

A) Prozac, my new shrink who confirmed that I was not getting the care I needed from my old one. She not only prescribes the drugs, she also councils..yay.

B) And, that thing on my face, well it is cancer. But I got treatment for it. And though it is butfuckingugly, soon it will be gone and for that I am grateful

C) that princess nekky is weaned! We went 3.5 years I feel good about that, and glad it is over. It was such a blessing to nurse her for so long. But I have been ready for a while now, to have my body back.

From the learning rooms

I am working hard for our school. I like it. It is good work. I know that I am making a difference and they like my work.

From the kitchen….

Is a nice pot roast just fresh from the oven. With root veggies and a yummy gravy. Perfect for a snow storm donja think>?

I am wearing….

Long sleeve shirt under a long brown dress with a hand made wood sweater vest. OH! A a really great scarf.

I am creating….

Cake Plates, rice crispy treats, this blog post and a nice home.

I am going….

No where.

I am reading…

I just finished reading Fall to Grace: A Revolution of God, Self & Society by Jay Bakker. it was great. The book says that Jesus taught GRACE. You should check it out.

i started reading I know you are by what I’am I? By Samantha Bee.

I am hearing…*

A Jay Bakker Sermon from Revolution Church

Outside my window….*

Snow and ice

One of my favorite things

My Mary statues, I have a bunch.

Making me laugh…

Nothing right now

A few plans for the rest of the week…

the week is almost over. I am glad, though there are a few things going on that I would like to do, but it would take me from the family for most of the weekend. Not a good plan.


from the simple womans day book


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