the estate sale

i went to an estate sale today.


i love them


and they make me



someone died!

and here we are

going though their



we see how they lived.


some, die alone

very alone

and even

things like

family photos

are for sale.

some do not have

very much at all.


did the family get it?

or was there anything to get?


once i went to an es of a hoarder

poor poor thing!

she had at least 6 sets of silverware

full beautiful sets.


she had so much christmas stuff that

they had a sale just for that!


she had so much stuff.


did she grow up poor?

it was not trash…not at all


it was just stuff.

nice stuff

but stuff.


all together, that family had 5 or 6 sales

for that one woman alone.


when mom dies tam and i will not do a estate sale…mom does not have an estate…


we will divvy up her earrings and what even we want and give stuff to her friends ( if they are still around) and give the rest to the goodwill or out of the closet.


then we will take her and daddy’s ashes and do something with them; tam is going to have a diamond made…

i will prolly keep some and then…who knows?


we might just scatter the ashes on the bay, or at daddy’s favorite bar.


i would not want strangers going though moms tiny little apt.


i do not want that for me either.


just do something with the stuff, if i have any stuff worth doing something with.


and if my kids do have a estate sale…do it your selves, you will make more money.



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