It is leafing” she said from the


back seat as we drove down the


road to Maple Grove


what?” I asked…


look!, it is leafing” she said again


and ya know what?


It was!

Leaves of red and orange

and purple and pink

and blue and gold.


a rusty, orangy, yellowy redish goldy one


umber, I think it was. I have always wanted to

know what

umber is,

now I know.

I think.

It really does not matter.




These leaves once


green, wick




Are now dead, making room for more growth in the spring.

falling on us like the rain.


I love fall. I never really knew autumn  till I moved up here to

the Pacific North West.

Fall in california mostly meant wild fires burning.

Here, not so much.


Yes, spring is new life,

summer is for fun outdoors

and winter! Winter with the snow


and the holidays!


** a side note, Christmas should not come in to play till

after Thanksgiving.

It is charming, for sure.


I fell in love in the fall

I was married in the fall.


I love this time of year

more so now that I really have seen the autumn colors


the crisp mornings and warm afternoons


it is nice.




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