the Simple Womans Day Book

I am thinking….* * that I am really glad that I am not a hoarder…also I think that if you are going to show Scarface on your family friendly TV channel you might think about censoring the 2 foot high pile of cocaine on the desk as well as the blood and gore. who cares if you take away fuck and ass (yes, they censured ass)

I am thankful for….**my church, family, yoga, fresh sheets on the bed, popcorn, rain, AA, pizza, living far, far, away from my in-laws, facebook and faeries.

From the learning rooms…**the Buddha: is done with his book report The Iron Ring, DAMN that was a hard book! I could barely read it. But it is done, he was one of the first to turn it in…

The Rock star: is doing a building block in grade 3.

Princess Nekky: loves LOVES going to Maple Grove. She is always singing song and talking about how Miss T would love this and that

From the kitchen….**we had waffles and sausage for dinner, with warm strawberry compote

I am wearing….**sweat pants and tank top for bed

I am creating….**cool wrist and ear warmers.

I am going….**to bed, after CSI Miami

I am reading…**a book about how to write poetry

I am hearing…** a stuffy nose toddler sleeping and the rain.

Outside my window….**is wind and rain. We will have lots of leaves on the ground tomorrow

One of my favorite things…**is Trader Joe’s Taffy.

Making me laugh…**nothing right now

A few plans for the rest of the week….**gunna prepare for the class I am co-teaching at AMC, I have a cavity I have to go to the a dentist. I am really, really, scared of dentist…like, PHOBIC. So I need some to come with me and drive cuz the only way I will be able to walk in the door is to be high as crack ho on new years eve.


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