sister wives

Sister wives

I really like the show “Sister Wives”

I like the women…

Meri is wife number one…one child ( she has fertility issues)

Janelle is wife number two….six children.

Christine is wife number 3…..six childern


Robyn is wife number 4….no children with Kody…yet.

Four wives….

16 children

13 are Kody’s bio kids

Robyn has 3 from a former hubz.

This family is shockingly


Really Normal

I have noticed that there is a MATRIARCHAL vibe

as opposed to a PATRIARCHAL vibe

It is almost like Kody is an afterthought.

They are just a bunch of woman

Who happen to share a man

And the childcare

And the housekeeping

And the shopping

And the cooking

And the wifely duties!

I have had more chats with other women

How we do not think we would mind so much

Having  a sister-wife



Right on.

I have watched every episode

Kody is cocky.

So? if they love him?

Who cares?

None of the wives married very young.

The first was 19.

But the others were older….

If we are going to fight for our LGBTQQ brothers and Sisters to have marriage equality.

Then we must have room for all love.


Even the ones we do not understand or agree with

let me be clear.

I am not talking about

forcing young girls to marry old men

I would call that rape.

It is RAPE

I am talking about grown adults.

In the show they have said that

They do not care if their

Kids become Polygamist

Or not.

This family is not on welfare.

I know that some…many are.

The bottom line?

Is that the government

Be it:






Should NOT be allowed to

Legislate love.

the end


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