I have another story

When I was 26, the year before I left the church, I was in a band.

A worship/praise band.

We were called:

Written in Red.

Get it?

Written in Red?…like the words of Jesus are written in red.

We lead worship at a church in Orange County Cal.

I sang.

I loved it. I like to sing

I am not a bad singer.

A least I was not then.

So, this was at a Assembles of G*d church.

I forget how i came to be in the band and at a church

that sang Hymns.

Do you always Spell Hymns with a capital H?

I was friends with several people in the band.

The bass player

The drummer

The lead guitar player. I had a wicked crush on him.

And the worship leader..( who BTW, is still my friend along with his wife…so is the bass player and his wife)

And the youth pastor. ( I have a whole other post on him)

So, we lead worship and worked with the youth.

Half the church loved us

Half did not.

Dude. It was intense.

We worked so hard. We wanted to please everyone.

We tried, we really really did, we would even sing Hymn’s every Sunday, just to please the hymn singers.

Funny, I like Hymns now.

Anyway, we knew very soon in to the whole thing that it was not gunna work.

It prolly was around the time that the church FIRED the worship leader and I think the youth pastor…

Oh yeah! Guess what? So when they sacked the worship leader? his wife was pregnant.

Then the church, if I remember right…fully split.

Cuz of the band.

Cuz of guitars and drums

Yeah, good times.


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