My name is Erika and

I love Jesus but I do not hate or fear Islam.

I love Jesus and believe that there are many paths to enlightenment or heaven or whatever.

I love Jesus and I believe that our LGBTQQ brothers and sisters are born that way.

I believe that one can love and follow Jesus, and be Gay or Lesbian.

I believe that G*d is grieved that 5, FIVE gay youth have killed themselves in the last 3 weeks, after years of bullying. I think it is a crisis and that followers of all faiths should be standing up for the different and the other that we should stand on the side of love at all times.

I love Jesus and I believe in reproductive freedom and that includes how many children one has (ok, I really think you should be able to care for them..but anyway)

I love Jesus and I believe in science.

I love Jesus and I am pretty sure that Mary was not a virgin.

I love Jesus and I believe that the bible is just one of many Holy Scripture.

I love Jesus and I believe that we should take the wisdom from all the world’s Holy Works.

I believe that G*d is too big to fit into any one religion.

I love Jesus and I believe that G*d and Creation  and Evolution are not mutually exclusive.

I love Jesus and I believe that G*d speaks to us, through the scriptures of all faiths be it Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and maybe even a grilled cheese sandwich!

Who am I to say or tell you how the Divine speaks to anyone?

I love Jesus and believe that a woman could lead a church.

I love Jesus and I do not know if G*d is a Democrat or a Republican or Green party or Independent

cuz, well, I do not know.

But I betja he would not Vote Republican and sure as hell would not vote TEA PARTY..

I do not think Jesus would take a gun to church.

Or even own a gun.

I love Jesus and before I met my husband my ability to love someone was not based solely on their gender.

I love Jesus and I am pretty sure that G*d has no gender… would that make G*d queer? Huh

I love Jesus and I do not base my support on a politician solely on whether they are pro-life or anti-choice.

I love Jesus and I have read The DaVinci Code and Harry Potter.

And my fair share of Bodice Rippers!


I love Jesus and I cuss, like a fucking sailor. Or a longshoreman.

I love Jesus and I do not believe G*d hates anyone, I do not even think G*d hates Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church…i think they make G*d very sad.

I love Jesus and I believe that we are born pure and holy and perfect in G*d’s image.

I believe that G*d has many names;

some include:

Bhagwaan (Hindu)

Waheguru (Sikhism)

Yahweh or Elohim (Jewish)

Allah (Islam)

Krishna ( Hare Krishna)

Jesus ( Christianity)

I love Jesus and I married a man who does not believe in G*d. And yet we are completely and evenly yoked. He is my soul-mate.

I think that Jesus did many great things, and yes, some were miraculous for his time, and some can be explained through science.

I love Jesus and I am horrified and embarrassed by the antics of the 700 Club, anything on the Trinity Broadcasting network, The Westboro Baptist Church, “Pastors” like Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker (he did repent I think) and others who scream from the pulpit “hell and damnation” for the Gays and the Jews and and the Muslims ( a word interchangeable with “Terrorist” in some churches) or anyone who does not believe their way, all the while they are sleeping with their support staff or Church Members.

OK, maybe G*d does hate (No, not hate, but he is really PISSED OFF) at: Rush Limbaugh, Fred Phelps and that crazy ass guy on Fox News, I forget his name.

I think that bacon is really yummy and G*d does too cuz why else would he/she create it?

I believe that G*d really fucking hates WAR.


I love Jesus.

He loves me.

Just as I am

And as I am not.

He loves me For who I am.

And who I am not.

He is as real in my life as anything or anyone could be.

I am proof that one could love Jesus and be



Bleeding heart



and proud of it.

A Prayer:

A prayer:

Spirit of life, Holy One,

Divine Love known by many names
And no name,

One who is not bound by gender

Or form or ethnicity

Thanks for loving me

May it be so

GLENN BECK!! that is the guy on FOX NEWS!!!


18 thoughts on “My name is Erika and

  1. Lost my post.
    Jesus stood with the poor, powerless, oppressed, unknown, outcast against those who held money, power, fame, the oppressors. He died for this.
    Today he would stand against the rich who shout on TV and in the pulpit of the megachurch, who preach exclusion, hatred, worship of the almighty dollar. Just as surely as he was crucified 2,000 years ago for preaching his radical message, he would be imprisoned today.


  2. This is so cool – it’s like you’re speaking my heart! I’d like to share your post on fb…and am totally adding you to my blog roll.



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