Huge Changes

For the last 11, almost 12 years that I have been a parent I have shared my room and my bed with not just the Head, but the children as well.

Both the head and I love the family bed, it was one thing we know we did right, I enjoy having my children in my room, it feels safe, right.

Maybe because we were in so cal for so long and I always feared running through the house at 2 am to get the kids while the earth shakes and the house crashes in to was one of my deepest fears…

We are no longer in so cal

and though where we do live does have earthquakes

it is nothing like the south.

The family bed has been great cuz I could nurse and sleep…

so so

many reasons…


I need my room back

The boys have been sleeping our floor for 3 months now for lots of reasons, but I need to be alone with the head…

Ya know?

So we got princess nekkey a big girl bed, it is in the corner of my room all pink and pretty. She slept in it all last night.

Here is the plan:

It is clear that the boys do not want to sleep alone. OK good

So the rock star is moving into the Buddhas room. We will get new beds from ikea for the boys and the Princess will get the Buddhas bed and the Rock Stars room.

And another thing, when I told the boys…they did not fight it…so duh…

I am not naive to think that the Princess will really sleep in her room, but ya know? She might! So this weekend we are gunna make the move. I would like to have it all ready before my mom comes up.

Then I shall completely rearrange the master bed room.

I feel good

about this

it is the

right thing to do..

My bed is always open to the 3 year old

But the 9 and 11 year olds….

Maybe not so much

Time to be in your own rooms kiddos

Just think, sex in my own bed….wow

( only family bed folks really get that….)


The trick now is finding a way to make it so the boys can have a private space, each his own…

And I thought of this…

some of the Princess’s  stuff


We got her a huge doll house for her birthday ..

and dudes that will not be in my living room…

We will need to change the light fixture in her room,

it is a fan and that will not work with her pink canopy…

So that is the big news here at blueberry hill.


2 thoughts on “Huge Changes

  1. Hey. Thanks for the book recommendations on John’s site. I just ordered Three Cups of Tea and The Faith Club from and can’t wait to read them.


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