story writing

I am trying to write a short story on forgiveness.

so far it sucks

big old dog balls.

i wish that the words in my head

you come out of my fingers..

ya know?

i have a feeling that this story


i want it to matter very much.

but so far all i can write is stupid and

been done before.

maybe i will get that book about writing that Anne Lamott wrote

i puffy heart her…

i am off to bed.

OH YEAH! i am gunna be on another mommy blogger blog

i will link

a prayer:

A prayer:

Spirit of life, Holy One,

Divine Love known by many names
And no name,

One who is not bound by gender

Or form or ethnicity

i know you have given me words

to write

help me to trust myself and you.

remind me that i matter

what i say matters

who i am matters

and that you love me.



may it be so


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