July 31 part two (PM)

The massage was wonderful.

It was the best one I have ever, ever had.

She is amazing.

Then I read some of my book.

The thing is;

There are no comfortable chairs for reading..

lots of Adirondack chairs and not so comfy.

So lots more nekky people

Today one was sunbathing.

Outside of the lodge.



Right there in all her glory.

I would be to scared of having a sunburned ass.

Hay! Guess what?!!!

I did not wear a bra all day.

It has been years since I have not worn a bra.

I did some soaking in the springs.

Then went to a great yoga class.

And the teacher spent some time talking with me about my migraines..here are his ideas for me;

Weil breathing”..i am gunna Google it.

Something about breathing deep, deep, deeper..

Put my feet in hot water he called it “diversion”

bring blood away from my head.,,,

The other was a rest position with head placement with a rolled up towel putting up my feet.

It was so cool cuz I taught him something!!

When he told me about the feet in hot water, I told him about doing that for fevers..he had no idea…

It was neat to share knowledge.

His level of compassion told me

that he also suffered from them as well.

Or maybe his mom has them.

Oh!! and we saw three Deer, a mother and her twin fawns, they were not 10 feet from us.

It was magic.

I like the family style eating here..

Every meal I have meet somebody who is really amazing.

Then I would see them nekkey.

I have noticed that the old men are way more comfortable with their bodies…those boys just dropped trou and walk into the pools.

By tonight, I was just as comfortable in the nude as anyone, in fact the only time I felt strange is when this mom and tween girl came  suits then I felt,

Ya know


It is 9:30 pm and I am starting to feel ready for bed.

I was gunna have another soak.


I have missed the children, but I am so so glad I did not bring them.

I needed this so badly.

And I do feel better.

Brandy and I want to plan a womans retreat up here next Jan/Feb.

I think we should do it.

So we are gunna talk to the rez guy in the morning and see if there is space.

Then we will send out an AMC tidings email and see if anyone would like to come up.

If we could get 15 woman..that would be great.

And only nursling’s can come, we will trade of childcare for the mammas.

I have been very good!

When the drama comes to my mind I just blow it away….

So tomorrow is my last day

With out coffee

Or half and half

Or ice

Or wifi

Or family.

After that home.

A prayer:

Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names

and no name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity.


Thanks so much for today.

For the great massage.

For the great food

For the wonderful new friends.

For the perfect weather.

For all that is my life.

I thank you.

May it be so.


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