July 31. morning

They do not have coffee.

They should have coffee and wifi


Just sayn’

I took a bath this morning.

In a tub.

With water.

No one came up to me

and said

Mom…..the Buddha wont let me play on the computer”

Mom…..the rock star keeps changing the channel”

Mom…what are you doing?”

Mom..here is some ducks to play with”

Wife, should I start dinner?”

Anyway, I took this bath in this old claw foot tub.

I could hear is the river rushing by under the bath house.

When I looked out the window, I could see tall, majestic

Their branches were stretched out like open arms,

Like the arms of Jesus in the Rio De Janeiro harbor.

I felt welcomed by them ya know?

No naked people before breakfast.

I did not sleep very well.

Not sure why.

Maybe worried about the family.

It was not a very comfortable “bed”

and it did get cold though.

Really cold.

The people here remind me of faire.

Ya know, lots of “geeks”

Guys in sarongs…

(the head would wear his sarong the whole time up here)

and of course hippies.

I miss working at the faire…and I don’t.

I was supposed to get a massage at 9:30 but there was a mess up and it is at 11:30…

and it was ok.

I have no plans today but to read.

Saving Juliet.…book report to follow.

And rest ( maybe take a nap!!!)

and yoga and soak with other naked people.

Tonight is a drum circle…and we are soooo going.

I wonder if people will have clothes on?

The tent we are staying in is huge!

But the beds suck, there is a empty tent next to us.

I think we are gunna jack the mattress and maybe that will be more comfy.

I am also gunna buy a long sleeve shirt.

I think

I am the only guest here on a laptop and I feel weird.

Like I am naked at the mall or something…

Brandy and I are having fun

Ya know what is cool?

We are each doing our own things

That is very nice.

We were talking last night about faith..

For example, I have so much faith

That school will work out

The money will come and we can and will pay for it.

I have faith that we will find the right house for our family and we will have the money to pay for it.

But why then, do I struggle with faith in myself?

Why do I struggle with putting into g*ds hands my problems and letting him/her keep them?

It is weird.

Really fucking weird.

I am gunna put the laptop away and go for a soak.

A prayer:

Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names

and no name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity.


Thank you for this holy place.

I can tell that it is sacred ground.

Thank you for the welcoming trees reaching out

as if to hug me.

Thank you that I am with out children.

That the children are safe with people

who love them

and honor them.

I relish this time to care for me.

To be erika.

To be Ministered to.

To be held in loving embrace.

To be honored.

Show me what you need and want me to know.

When my mind goes to the drama

snap me out of it.

Touch my heart

Restore my soul,

as I sit down inside the waters…

even with nekkey people.

I ask that tonight, I sleep a restful


rejuvenating sleep with dreams

that are healing

and warm

and welcoming

and encouraging

and loving.

I pray that my heart and soul opens to your will.

I pray that my soul opens to your healing.

I pray that my heart and soul opens to

your restoring, healing spirit.

I pray for my family, this will be a long day for all of them.

I pray you hold them close, comfort the baby and give the the Grandparents and Eric the peace to deal with all that parenting stuff that comes up.

I Pray for the boys, help them to be helpers.

Give all of them Patience.

I ask that tonight all the children fall asleep and stay asleep.

Thanks again for this time with you holy one….

even with-out coffee

even with-out wifi


even the nekky people.

May it be so.


2 thoughts on “July 31. morning

  1. If I have to look at naked men, I’m not going. But next year Jenny and I are going to go to Women In the Woods. Unless that’s our new soon-to-be-granddaughter’s birthday. This kid could cause scheduling problems….


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