i see naked people

Friday July 30 10 pm Breitenbush Hot-springs Or.

Tonight I come to you from Breitenbush hot springs.

I saw a naked guy.

He was rightthere.


It was at the sauna.

I ate healthy food!

Brandy saw it and will tell everyone.

We sat in the hot springs and watched and listened to a thunder-storm pass by.

It was cool.

Then we saw another naked guy, with his junk all out there…

Ya know? I like that womyns junk is all tucked inside.

All pretty and stuff.

Oh yeah, guess what?

No one,

Not one womyn had a


Hair, hair everywhere.

Just sayn’

And I have seen most every shape of human…..

No one seems to have any shame about their body.

Even the “big girls”

Cool beanze.

Tomorrow I get a massage.

After that I shall read.

And then

Gentle yoga.

I like it here.

And I miss my family.

Wanna know what I do not like?

I can not call them as we are out of cell phone range


No wifi


I am writing this in word and I will post it Sunday afternoon.

When we may or may not go home.

JK!!! we will go home.


Ya know what I can hear right now?

The rain and the Breitenbush river.

It is a nice sound.

We are so in 1975…

Naked people.


Rabbit food.

No cell phone

No wifi

That is all for now dear readers…

A prayer

Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names

and no name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity.


Thanks for helping me not laugh when I saw

The nekky people.

Thanks for the safe drive up.

Thanks for loyal and true friends.

Thanks for husbands who understand.

May it be so.


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