I am home.

It is good to be home.

Aaaaannnnddddd sorta sucks too

Ya know?

The house was clean and stuff

But the kids are pissed off.

The Bonus nursed right away.

And the milk just flowed…

I guess I am supposed to keep nursing

OK G*d, what ever you say….

I am sunburned.

Only my shoulders people!!!!

After we left

Brandy and I spent a few hours at an Internet coffee house.

That was nice.

So I am gunna go to bed soon.

It was a great weekend!

I wanna go back.


I would like to take the Head.

Just the two of us.


I have had some meat.



Rum and Coke.

So I am a little




I have an idea or two for them

One, this is a big one……

Really, truly there should be


They have a place for the smokers for fucks sake!!!!!

And yet no Internet for the guests…


I had this idea, that they could have a time sensitive password


One that can not be shared.

The Head could write that software

He could!!!

He is a genus!

Maybe they would trade the software

for a cuppla weekends?

We will see.

I will write a very eloquent letter about it to them….

But not when I am drunk.

So I need to pack for the Buddha to go with the Grandparents up north….

Then shower and bed.

A prayer;

Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names

and no name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity.


Thanks again for this weekend.

I think it may have been life changing.

So very healing.

May I continue to be open to your will.

Help me this next week as the Buddha goes up north.

To be ok with it.

To that end;

Please, Holy One

Protect him.

I pray that this be a great and wonderful trip for him and the GP’s

I pray that they all  have so much fun.

I pray that he is so busy having fun he does not miss us!

Please Holy One

Keep everyone




Protect them as they drive.



And play.

May your love and Spirit  linger among them all

through out the week.


Grant me peace most of all…

When I start to worry.

Stop me!!!

May it be so.


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