questions. questions.

My sister…T and my good friend Barbara {}  asked me these questions.

Ya see I had a really nasty commenter and it upset me, anyway I will answer the questions.

why are you blogging? to tell a story?

***Yes maybe to tell a bunch, both fiction and non fiction

who’s story?

***Mostly mine. About me, my kids, things I think about.

to challenge people’s beliefs?

***I had not thought of that. i guess so, although I did not think my posts so far were all they controversial. But yeah, I would like to think that I could maybe show people that one could love Jesus, follow his teachings and be LGBTQQ or a demacrate


***I would hope that my posts make people think. Doesn’t anyone want to do that with their wrtinging?

because you have something to say that hasn’t been said before?

***I do not think I have any new thoughts.

because you have something to say that needs to be said in a different way than others are able to impart?

***Maybe, maybe I could touch one person who maybe has gone through some of the same things and I can show them we can get through it?

to explore your own thoughts and beliefs?

***Well, yes.

to leave your story?


To find your Self?

***Yes and to prove to myself I am not the dumb worthless person I grew up to believe I was. That my thoughts and feelings and ideas and word are as important as anyones even if I do not know where to put the comma or apostrophe or how to spell

to *snap* at the detractors?

***No I hate confrontation.


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