random stuff…share yours!

1. I grew up on the beach..my mom says that she did not even get me a pair of shoes till i had to go to kindy. ( i do not think that is very true)

2. I miss Del Taco ( only one near me up here in Portland OR)

3. I have sat at the bedside of woman giving birth and 2 men dying, not at the same time.

4. For 9 months I did not leave my home with out my head “covered” with a scarf all because G-d told me to.

5. I meet my husband in a gay bar.

6. I wish I were a better writer, I have so much to say, so many pithy things and I can never get them out on paper. And I can’t spell for s*^t. it took me day’s to write this!

7. I am scared of clowns,(Coulrophobia)
A dentist’s (Dentophobia.)
B midgets. (there is no word for the phobia of midgets)

8. I am not scared of dying.(Thanatophobia.)

9. I love being a mom and a wife.. I am not bad at ether.

10. My inability (perceived or not) to write and my fear of math…i forgot I am also scared of math (Arithmophobia) has and is keeping me form going back to university, to get my BA, so that I can go to seminary to become a minister. ( but i am working on this hence the blog)

11. I wanted to be a nun growing up.

12. Then I read “A Nun’s Story” and thought “oh hell no”
12 A: then i meet a really great dyke nun and i loved her she was not like the nuns in a
nuns story

13. If I were on Match Game ’75, I would totally win lots of money.

14. I sang in a Christian band.

15. I love Jesus

16. I would like to race in one of the Eco-Challenge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eco-Challenge)

17. I have kissed a girl…and I liked it.

18. My ears are cold and have been since the day we moved up here to PDX

19. I believe in ghosts.

20. My hair has been, almost a hundred different colors

21. I love my gray hair…i hope it all goes gray…it is a silvery soft gray, very sexy!
21 A: i bleached it blond for the summer.

22. I was 7 months pregnant when I married my husband..and I wore white and a veil cuz daddy wanted me to.

23. I was bare foot also.

24. I am a woman of faith and prayer, I love G-d more than anyone or anything, and yet I am very liberal in my political,(democrat/green) religious,(I believe G-d is bigger than any one faith tradition. And moral, (I really don’t care whom you love.)

25, I miss In and Out burger

26 Eric and the boys always say they are going to take me to the dentist and that he will be a midget that is a clown…that’s just mean.

27. do not tell anyone, but i would like to have one more baby.


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