Ah Ha!

Today I read this:
It is from Kate Malory’s essay “Some Other Day

He looked at me and said quietly using a Quaker expression he’d grown up with “I wish you wouldn’t do that. Its the opposite of holding someone in the light” he was right. I had been holding him in the dark of my worst fears and I promised instead to envision him bathed in light, thriving, happy, loving and loved.



For many years, I have been “holding everyone I love in the dark”

I have always lived in fear.

I am comfortable in it.
It is easy to be afraid
It is easier to not trust than to trust.
It is easier to be angry.
It is easier to believe the bad thing about me than the good.
It is easier To see the worse in the people and places and the world.

But my children deserve, they need, to held in light

My husband deserves, he needs, to be held in light.

My family deserves, they need, to be held in light

And ya know what?

So do I!

So from this day forward I will


Hold my children, husband, family, friend and ME in the light

I will envision us living in


And having insurmountable


Being loved

And loving

I will envision

The best of health





I will envision us

All of us

Being bathed in the light and love of G*D

A prayer:

Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names
and no name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity

I ask your forgiveness Holy One.

For not trusting you.
For forgetting that you are

I know. I. KNOW.

That you have the best in mind for my husband, my children, my family, friend and even myself.

( For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer 29:11)

I ask forgiveness for letting my fear take over.
I ask forgiveness for believing the stinkinthinkin
that I am so good at.

I ask for strength to hold my children in the light
I ask for strength to hold my husband in the light
I ask for strength to hold my family in the light
I ask for strength to hold myself in the light

and when I do start to walk and look into the darkness.

Bring me back in to the light.

May it be so
May it be so


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