“A Heart Traced in The Sand”

I just finished a book called “A Heart Traced in The Sand” by Steven Boone

It is about a family and the journey that the family is forced to go on when their 17 daughter is diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, a type of pediatric cancer.

I was pulled in to this story at the first word.
I found my self relating to the anger and fear and doubt that Steven had while watching his daughter fight so courageously.

She tried everything
Laetrile ( remember that? You had to go to Mexico to get it)
And many other
Alternative treatments..

She really fought hard.

She wanted to live.
This girl had plans to go to art school.
She wanted to fall in love and grow a family.

She knew it was un-fair
She hated the cancer
She did not want to die.

She LOVED herself.

She went to a Waldorf school Kindy through the 8Th grade.
You can see the Waldorf influence in her art, and in her writings that is scattered through out the book.

She would write things like:



As of now, I let go of my fears and troubles.
In there place I let G*D do the work.
I let the light and energy, wholesomeness and happiness enter my soul. I know everything will be already. Because G*d is with me no matter what


I am not ready to leave the world

and last but not at all least;

I have a family,and we work together on the farm. I smell the fresh air, the soil. We have a nice little house, and we don’t need a lot of money. G*d is important. I grow old, and walk around the land every day, I die peacefully..

there are many many more affirmations.

She would bless the chemo bag just before in went in to her.

Literally consecrating it.

I loved how much she wanted to live.

And yet.

It seemed to me, like even in the very last days she had not excepted that death was near. She really believed that a cure would magically appear
and she would be healed.

BOOM just like that…

I once heard or read;

The acceptance of death does not mean the absence of hope.

let me say that again

The acceptance of death does not mean the absence of hope.

I think that can be true even if you are a young person dying.

Of course it is not true if you are the parent of a young person dying.

I was able to feel Stevens grief and anger and fear and anguish through his words.

He doubted G*D, and yet, he held so strong to his faith.

I liked that about him.

I liked how he would read the book of Job to remind himself that G*d does what he wants. And still loves us.

When Naomi died she was at home in her bed, her mom was with her. The family kept vigil for her at the home for 3 days. She was laid on dry ice and flowers around her, candles burned day and night, people came and went praying and singing and reading.

It was one of those night’s that her step-mom wrote this poem:

Blessed be the angels sing,
With joy they guide you in a ring
Like a halo ’round your head,
Gently tuck you into bed.

To mighty realms your spirit flies,
Through puffy clouds and deep blue skies
So sweet the peace with in your heart-
With G*d’s love your journey start.

A prayer:
Spirit of life, Holy One, Divine Love known by many names
and no name, one who is not bound by gender or form or ethnicity

I hate cancer.

I think you do to.

Children should not die

not ever

I pray for the children who have cancer.
I pray for their parents
Their siblings
Their grandparents
And all who love them.

What can I say?

May it be so.

There is no more to say…i think you should read the book.

Here is the link on Amazon you can get it for 80 cents!


Here is the link to Steven Boone’s web site:


I like his art.



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