the momster in law

Momster in law.

Heretofore to be known as


I do not like her

she is not a very nice person

she does not like

the different


the other

she uses the “N” word


she got drunk at our wedding!

she called me on our wedding day

to say she did not think our wedding

was legal.

I know that she is damaged

a Friend said she was a baby soul

“poor baby soul” she would say shaking her head sadly

she had a tough life growing up.

She is the daughter of a fisherman

and her mom?

Think “ Madam La Farge”


MSIL took care of her when she was dying

and never said “thank you”

and her mom was mean till the day she died

at least that is what the MSIL said

and i believe her otherwise how could she be so so

damaged and broken herself?

She was the POOR kid at school

She went to school with the NORDSTOM SISTERS

can you imagine how it would feel to be the poor kid at the same school as

the Hilton sisters?

That would be very hard.

I DO feel sorry for her.

Once, no it was more than once.

She would email me really offensive jokes

like the kind that would offend

Andrew Dice Clay…

There is a lot more.
But I will not go into that now

that’s another blog post

the thing now?

She and the FIL invited them selves up here this summer.


so they are coming up at the end of the month

but wait! There’s more.

She wants to take The Buddha on a road trip.


I really do not want to let him go.

I do not like her

I do not really trust her.

The Buddha wants to go.

So he is going.

The Head is emailing her right now to say

“SURE! That sounds great!!!”

holy shit.


One thought on “the momster in law

  1. Unhealthy family members are so hard to deal with because it is hard (or impossible) to cut them fully from your life. Almost everyone I know has either a challenging family member or difficult inlaw. I think I have both. Hope you get through the month with grace and sanity! Kim


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