Yesterday I hurt my foot

Changing the toddlers pull up.

I could tell you how I hurt my foot. But I would not make any sense.

So just trust me. I hurt it badly

It was swollen, black and blue in minutes and did not really hurt, ya know, it was sorta numb.

I knew the moment it happened I was in bad shape. So I put a bag of frozen onions on it. ( we were out of peas)

When the Head came home we talked about what to do…ER Or urgent care? ER would have been 500 bucks…nope

So J took me to urgent care and I paid 30 bucks for the Dr. to tell me that I

“Bruised the crap out of it”

Gee thanks Doc.

I did get an ex-ray so we know it is not broken. This is good.

Ya know what was funny? (peculiar, not ha ha)

I was asked no less then 5 times if it was a “work related injury”

YES! I Was caring for my child. I was WORKING. I should get workmen’s comp.

But I can not. Because this country does not value the stay at home parent.

I do not have sick days.
I do not earn vacation time.
I do not qualify for health care.
I do not have a retirement plan.
I am on call 24/7.

Do not get me wrong, I love being a mother, it is wonderful most of the time.

I just wished that…

When asked if I got hurt while on the job,

I could say YES.

I was.



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