nekey nekey

so the girl cub really likes to take off her clothes
she is almost 3

she does this
all. the. time.

she even undressed once at church and took a run though the fellowship hall.

nude is good.

i asked her once.

“Girl-Cub, why are you always nekey?”

“because it is awesome!” she replied with a big ol nekked grin

how wonderful it is to feel so free.
to feel so comfortable with her body

i hope she always feels that way.

comfortable in her own skin.





i would love for her to feel good enough about her body to keep it to her self while she is young.

ya know?

a prayer:

dear g*d

i pray for my little girl

made perfect in your image


i pray she always ALWAYS knows that

i pray that the first time someone says something rude about her body or her mind or her heart or even her salvation

she tell them to kiss her ass

may it be so
may it be so


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