Thing’s that make me glad

My wonderful husband..he makes me laugh and gives me candy.

My really cool kids.

Warm socks.

Flip flops

That eric makes me coffee every morning.

Feather comforters.

Tear Soup.

The Food Network

I am glad that I am not neighbors with Anne Colter, Sarah Palin or Bill O’Rilly

Ice Tea.

Three words:..Ben and Jerry.



Sunshine on my shoulders..yeah I said it.

Love Portland..everything about it! Everything! really!

Gray hair…mine is cool, almost silver.

( But for now i am blond, but that may change)

Sleeping with my children, the family bed was one of the best parenting choices we ever made.

Going potty..all by my self….it happens sometimes….

That we live far far away from Eric’s family.

My children’s laughter, I know every one says it…but it is the best sound ever.

Thrift shops.

My Shiny kitchen sink.

My Alters.



Hot showers.

That when my children are sick..they get better.


Finding old friends on face-book.


Remembering that I was 7 months pregnant when Eric and I married and it was really, really cool.

Friend’s who read my crazy rants and still love me.


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