tonight i pray

spirit of life, one who is known by many names and no name one who if free from the constraints of gender and ethnicity….G*g.”

today i and grateful for a family who loves me, for a community that supports me and all my endeavors. i am grateful for that my children are healthy and when they are sick they get better. i am filled with gratitude for the love of my soul mate and partner Eric with out whom i would be lost. and would not be able to spell for shit.
thank you for my wonderful, smart infuriating, crazy busy stubborn brave children…they give me so much hope for the future

i pray that tonight you hold close my Friends Katie, Betsy, Jon and the rest of their family as they cont to feel deeply the loss of Henry….i ask in your holy name that you give this family some moments of joy and peace and love and courage.

i pray in the name of all that is holy and pure and good and real and honest…
may it be so and blessed be.


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