Grief is like being swallowed. I think thats OK, when we are in the “whaleSee more” so to speak, it is dark. we can be alone with our grief and anger and fear and sadness. It is a good place to yell and scream. To ask “why?” No one telling you to “eat”, or “it will be ok” or “he is on a better place now”. The whale is a good place to crawl on to the lap of the Divine so that he or she may hold you in their loving embrace. The trick, is climbing our way out of the whale, but the climb simply part of the journey. This journey will take a long time, years. Hell, it may never end. But, the journey does and will get easier, the valleys will not be so deep and desolate, the deserts not so dry and hot, the mountains not so treacherous and cold. The hurricane force winds will and do become breezes. In the journey we can and should take breaks, sometimes to enjoy the scenery and rest, to laugh and play and be happy, but you already know that it is still in you to experience great joy. That is just living in the moment (easier with babies and young children in our lives )
I think though, that grief is not just for a season, grief in a very real way last forever, but is does change as seasons do.
I will get off my pulpit now.


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